We’re Hiring!

Organist/Keyboard Player

Second Church of Christ, Scientist is seeking an organist/keyboard player for Sunday church services and Wednesday evening testimony meetings. Fifty-two Sundays and fifty-two Wednesdays per year. When storms close the services, notification (and pay will still) be provided.

There is no choir, and a soloist sings only on Sundays. The music is provided.

The Sunday service is one hour, ten minutes: 10:20 am to 11:30am consisting of:

  • Music played on organ
  • Prelude (8-9 minutes) consists of preview of the 3 hymns (one verse), and appropriate piece for quiet contemplation
  • Three hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal provided by the First Reader early in each week
  • The accompaniment to solo is provided by music committee
  • A 3-minute piece for collection
  • Postlude (6-7 minutes) of appropriate joyful, going forward feeling

The Wednesday meeting is one hour, ten minutes: 7:20pm – 8:30pm consisting of:

  • Music played on piano
  • Prelude with hymn prelude, as above, and accompaniment for 3 hymns
  • Postlude

Familiarity with Christian Science hymns with texts by Mary Baker Eddy is helpful.

The solos are provided by the music committee a month in advance, and the hymns are listed the week of those services. Expecting rehearsal with the soloist will be done before 10:10am.

A set of two Christian Science hymnals to take home are provided.

Current salary is $245 per week.

We maintain a non-smoking, non-alcoholic, drug-free environment.

Please contact the Music Committee Chair at